This net now features all alloy rings throughout the length, with lower rings slightly smaller, enabling easy exit of fish when weighing-in

It has all the extras required to cope with the tough fishing conditions in commercial waters, including our new protective base frame.

Manufactured from a classy strong black polyester netting you will not be disappointed with this product.

This is a Fish Friendly Net conforming to the EA net requirements


3M Blue Rim Match Black Keepnet. 50x40 Top Frame

SKU: KN-006
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    Spec Details:

    • Smaller 'weight-in' pull-through lower rings
    • 50x40 Blue alloy rim
    • Alloy base protector frame
    • Black nylon top section 
    • Adjustable top frame
    • Positional top frame locking
    • 3M Length
    • All alloy rings throughout
    • 2 Internal Grab Handles
    • 2 Base Pegging Tabs
    • Two lower grab handles to inner bottom 3rd ring 
    • Strong black polyester netting