Made to exacting standards these new in-line paste floats are uniquely different in design to many paste floats on the market today.

Made to present paste correctly with an easily visible tip & long fibre stem. Also great wind-beater.

They are perfectly balanced and steady, allowing superb paste bite indication. The float combines a fibre stem, with line-locking moveable body absolutely perfect for all carp paste and deck fishing.

The floats come in 3 different sizes, giving you all the size options you'll want for varying conditions.


In-Line Long Antenna Paste & Deck Float 3 Sizes

£2.49 Regular Price
£1.69Sale Price
    • Body Line Locking
    • Fibre Stem
    • Hollow 'Bright Viz' Antenna
    • 3 Sizes
    • 2 Antenna Colours