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This new Pole Sock product from Keepnets Direct, is a real quality pole tackle item. 

Featuring a generous protective foam cushion on the outer ring, so as to protect expensive pole tops. Yet deep enough to easily accommodate a number of top pole sections. Providing a safe area for all size tops.

The size, is generally larger than a majority of socks on the market today. Has a slightly oval  opening with a size of 25cm x 23cm.  Easily large enough to quickly place the pole section in without having to spend time looking for the aperture.

This is a real nice bit of kit, essential for all serious pole anglers who wish to protect those expensive top sections.


£6.49 Regular Price
£3.99Sale Price
  • Details

    • Colour Blue
    • SS Screw Thread
    • 25cm x 23cms opening
    • Cushioned Rim
    • Deep wide pocket

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