Being the heaviest elastic in the range, this pole elastic is offered at a special low price for this quality product. It has a fine narrow bore which reduces flattening out of the elastic and helps the central core from creating dead areas at the pole-tip end.

  It’s a real strong and flexible diameter yet retains great elasticity. 3M in length this size 18-20 diameter really is for all day carping and big fish bagging sessions. 

It's a great favourite and a popular size for commercial waters were constant action and performance is essential, but can still handle smaller fish when needed. 

With it's larger diameter it's still very supple yet robust providing excellent hook-and-hold powers, but still forgiving when striking into smaller fish. A terrific heavier match elastic at an unbeatable price.  

2 Core Teal Hollow Elastic Size 4-7

£10.99 Regular Price
£5.99Sale Price
Colour: Teal
  • External Dia: 2.8mm

    Colour: Blue

    Lengths: 3.M 2.5M. 2.0M

    Stretch: 8 to 1 approx

    Internal Dia: 0.8mm