Looking for an all-round, slightly more robust, size of hollow pole elastic then this green elastic will fit the bill perfectly. 
The two core elastic and strong narrow bore helps prevent flattening out of the elastic at the pole-end, enabling it to keep most of its round contour providing a smooth through-action with great control & super-elasticity. 

3M in length this size 12-15 diameter really is for all-day fishing being strong and supple and provides excellent hooking qualities. Built for all match sessions, it's one of the most popular and widely used sizes.

 Exceptionally good for commercial carp waters and all types of larger course fish, but can still handle smaller fish when needed. Although this is a middle to the heavier size of the range it's very flexible size with great hook-n-hold qualities.   

RRP around £10.99          

2 Core Green Hollow Pole Elastic Size 12-15

SKU: 00047
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Colour: Green
  • External Dia: 2.4mm

    Colour: Green

    Lengths: 3.M 2.5M. 2.0M

    Stretch: 8 to 1 approx

    Internal Dia: 0.8mm