A very popular size and colour elastic for all types of fish when fishing a finely balanced setup, superb for summer & winter F1s and big skimmers fishing shallow in summer. Also great for larger carp when used with a side or puller bung.

 This new 3m Hollow Pole Elastic from KND is real 'top-draw' quality made pure latex elastic using the latest manufacturing techniques. It's the fourth size in the range and comes in 3m lengths, it's soft supple, really durable. This new 10-13 size is really forgiving and ideal for fishing for all course and larger silverfish, especially good for small carp, F1s, bream, etc.

It has a smooth outer surface with a second internal amber tube with a particularly small-bore, allowing easy movement through your bush-end pole tip without the internal core collapsing, as with a number of other elastics.

 A superb elastic that won't let you down at a much lower price than other major brands, yet ours is equally as good, if not better. 

RRP Around £10/12                   

2 Core White Hollow Pole Elastic Size 10-13

SKU: 0006
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Colour: White
  • External Dia: 2.2mm

    Colour: White

    Lengths: 3.M 2.5M. 2.0M

    Stretch: 8 to 1 approx

    Internal Dia: 0.8mm