A new heavy duty purple solid pole elastic to add to your armoury of pole fishing tackle. Just sample the superb stretch and fish control of this newly designed solid latex elastic.

We're sure you'll experince a new level of fish control when hooking and playing large and small carp as well as larger silverfish.

Sold in 3 metre lenths in 7 colours, strenghts and diameters. We're sure you'll find the exact type of elastic youv'e been looking for, All at a fantastic value price.  


  • High Durability
  • 6 to 1 Stretch
  • 7 Colours & Sizes
  • No Flattening
  • Comes in 3Metre Lengths
  • Narrow Diameter
  • Extra Smooth Finish

Xcrossover Hybrid Solid Purple Elastic

£10.99 Regular Price
£4.99Sale Price