For those occasions when the keepnet adjuster is lost, broken or worn-away. We provide a replacement answer with our multi-position net adjuster.

This is not a total universal fitting, as it might not fit certain types of top frames. But with the majority of alloy top frames it should be OK. 

Just needs a couple of self-tapping screws (not provided) to screw and lock into position on the alloy net frame. (screw type shown in photo)

Note* Fits Rectangular Frame Tube only

Keepnet Adjuster Fits Internal Rectangular Frame Tube

  • Move the top frame adjuster to the required angle/position. Start by screwing the bank-stick up towards lock, ensuring you have the lock in your preferred position. As you screw-up the bank-stick and get closer to the screw end, the adjuster will begin to tighten and start locking-up the adjuster into your required position. When fully tightened and screwed home, you'll find it completely locks the adjuster into the chosen location. 

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